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People of the Founding Era

A Prosopographical Approach

Edited by Holly C. Shulman and Susan Holbrook Perdue

Rotunda: New Digital Scholarship
Digital · ISBN 9780813932538 · $3100.00 · Sep 2012

People of the Founding Era is a powerful new online resource that provides biographical information for thousands of individuals active during a crucial period in our history. Beginning with 12,000 but eventually expanding to over 60,000 people born between 1713 and 1815, the subjects include members of many of the most important families of the era, as well as many people—including artisans, slaves, and Native Americans—whose lives are not typically documented in historical archives. All entries include some biographical data, and many have a complete prosopographical profile—full name (including both married and maiden names), birth date, place of birth, death date, place of death, occupation, gender, nationality, and condition of servitude. The relationships between subjects are presented through structured tagging. Many of the entries come directly from the various Papers projects in Rotunda’s American Founding Era collection and, in those cases, link back to the original references within their respective editions, so users may explore more fully the context in which they were originally documented. Historians, genealogists, and all students of American history will find in the People of the Founding Era the most authoritative biographical dictionary of the period.

About the author

Holly C. Shulman, Founding Director of Documents Compass and Research Professor of History at the University of Virginia, is the editor of The Dolley Madison Digital Edition (Virginia). Susan Holbrook Perdue is Director of Documents Compass and former Senior Editor of The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series.