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Virginia Climate Fever

How Global Warming Will Transform Our Cities, Shorelines, and Forests

Stephen Nash

Ebook · 224 pp. · ISBN 9780813936598 · $24.95 · Nov 2014
Cloth · 224 pp. · 6 x 9 · ISBN 9780813936581 · $24.95 · Nov 2014

Climate disruption is often discussed on a global scale, affording many a degree of detachment from what is happening in their own backyards. Yet the consequences of global warming are of an increasingly acute and serious nature.

In Virginia Climate Fever, journalist Stephen Nash brings home the threat of climate change to the state of Virginia. Weaving together a compelling mix of data and conversations with both respected scientists and Virginians most immediately at risk from global warming’s effects, Nash details how Virginia’s climate has already begun to change. Nash describes in engaging prose and layman’s terms how a new climate will affect not only our state’s cities but hundreds of square miles of urban and natural coastal areas, the 60 percent of the state that is forested, the Chesapeake Bay, and the near Atlantic, with accompanying threats such as the potential spread of infectious disease. In addition, Nash presents striking descriptions of the vulnerabilities of the state’s wealth of beautiful, natural areas—around which much of its tourism industry is built.

While remaining respectful of the controversy around global warming, Nash allows the research to speak for itself. In doing so, he offers a practical approach to and urgent warning about the impending impact of climate change in Virginia.


Thomas Jefferson was among the first American climatologists. So what could be more appropriate than to frame the issue of modern-day climate change around the rich natural and cultural history of the Virginia Commonwealth? Stephen Nash employs a winning mix of insight, humor, and engaging prose to explore the adverse impacts human-caused climate change is now having on Virginia, and to warn us of the grave threat that climate disruption poses if we fail to act before it is too late.

—Michael E. Mann, Distinguished Professor, Penn State University and author of The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars
About the author

Stephen Nash has reported on science and the environment for publications including the New York Times, the Washington Post, BioScience magazine, the Scientist, the New Republic, and Archaeology. He is Visiting Senior Research Scholar at the University of Richmond, where he has taught in the journalism and environmental studies programs since 1980. He is the author of Blue Ridge 2020: An Owner’s Manual and Millipedes and Moon Tigers: Science and Policy in an Age of Extinction (Virginia).